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Ultra-Precision Capacitance Bridges

Model AH 2700A
AH 2700A Option-C
AH 2550A
Frequency range50 Hz – 20 kHz50 Hz – 20 kHz1 kHz
Measurement frequencies33 increment frequenciescontinuous frequencies1 kHz
Resolution capacitanceSub aF (atto Farad)Sub aF (atto Farad)Sub aF (atto Farad)

General Specifications (OPTION-E: Enhanced Accuracy)

  • Measures the Dissipation Factor down to 1.5 × 10-8 tanδ, a conductivity 3 × 10-7 nanosiemens or a resistance of 1.7 × 10+6
  • Analog output (3 kHz with 3 dB)
  • Negative loss and capacitance ranges measure negative values to follow unusual samples or three terminal networks
  • Commutation (test signal reversal) to minimize external power line or other periodic signal pickup
  • IEEE-GPIB and IEEE-1174 serial interfaces
  • Programmable commands can eliminate need for external controller
  • Deviation - measurements (capacitance, loss or both)
  • External DC-Bias up to +/- 100 V
  • Reference standard capacitors available - Model AH 1100