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Model 372N AC Resistance Bridge and Temperature Controller

General specifications (standard bridge without scanner):
Resitivity ranges: 2mΩ to 2 MΩ
21 excitation levels from 3.16 pA to 31.6 mA
Real time display of the sensor excitation power
1 + 1 (Control) sensor inputs - optional 8 + 1 (C) or 16 + 1 (C) inputs with scanner (8/16)
PID temperature control - 2 control loops
IEEE-488.2, USB and Ethernet interfaces, alarm, relays, analog output
Unique noise-reduction elements
  · Patented current source preserves common mode noise rejection
  · Optically isolated measurement electronics eliminates the potential for ground loops
By selection of an appropiate scanner the bridge can be optimized to the experimental requirements