Conferences & Exhibitions in 2020

DPG Springs Meeting 2020, 15.03.2020 – 20.03.2020 in Dresden – cancelled due to Corona


Providing a cooling capacity of 1.80 W at 4.2 K, the new model RDE-418D4 cold head is the new top model of the world market leader for 4 K G.M.-refrigerator systems, SUMITOMO, Japan. Compared to the 1.5 W at 4.2 K model RDK-415D the performance increase is achieved by further improvement of the efficiency of the cold head – without increased compressor power. All SUMITOMO 4 K systems are completely RoHs compliant available.

Model SRP-182B2S-F100H Pulse Tube Refrigerator System from Sumitomo, Japan

The new Model SRP-182B2S-F100H Pulse Tube refrigerator system provides a cooling capacity of 1.5 Watt at 4.2 K. The cold head is separated from the valve unit by flexible helium lines. The new Model F-100H compressor (13 kW at 50 Hz) features an RS-232 interface for remote control.

Model SRDE-412D4-F50H G.M.-Refrigerator System from Sumitomo, Japan

The new Model RDE 412D4 provides a cooling capacity of 1.25 W at 4.2 K and takes position between the established RDK-408D2 (1W) and the RDK-415D (1.5W) cold heads. The increased high cooling capacity on the first stage reflects the excellent efficiency of this new coldhead.

Model RD-125-A11C single-stage G.M. -Refrigerator System from Sumitomo, Japan

Set up with the proven model CNA-11C air-cooled compressor with only 1.3 kW power consumption the new Model RD-125D single-stage cold head features a cooling capacity of 30 W achieved at 77 K.