Conferences & Exhibitions in 2018

DPG Spring Conference of the Condensed Matter Section in Regensburg, 01.04. - 04.04.2019

DESY Photon Science Users Meeting 2019 in Hamburg, 25.04.2019


Providing a cooling capacity of 1.80 W at 4.2 K, the new model RDE-418D4 cold head is the new top model of the world market leader for 4 K G.M.-refrigerator systems, SUMITOMO, Japan. Compared to the 1.5 W at 4.2 K model RDK-415D the performance increase is achieved by further improvement of the efficiency of the cold head – without increased compressor power. All SUMITOMO 4 K systems are completely RoHs compliant available.

MeasureReady™ M91 FastHall™ Measurement Controller from LAKE SHORE, USA

The MeasureReady™ M91 FastHall™ measurement controller is a revolutionary, all-in-one instrument. Featuring Lake Shore’s patented* new FastHall measurement technique, the M91 fundamentally changes the way the Hall effect is generated and measured by eliminating the need to switch the polarity of the applied magnetic field during the measurement. This breakthrough results in faster and more accurate measurements, especially when using high field superconducting magnets or when measuring very low mobility materials.

Model F71 multi-axis and model f41 single axis Teslameter from LAKE SHORE, USA

With the new high-resolution Teslameter generation with the associated F-Hallprobes series, Lake Shore has solved an old problem of Teslametern: The so-called zeroing is no longer necessary with these new devices, no matter how long the measurement takes. The touchscreen and the tiltable display ensure a particularly comfortable operation of these devices.

Model 155 AC/DC Precision current / voltage source from Lake Shore, USA

The new bipolar (4-quadrant) ultra-low-noise precision current and voltage source Model 155 features a wide frequency range from DC up to 100 kHz. The Smartphone-based touchscreen user interface ensures simple intuitive operation.

Model SRP-182B2S-F100H Pulse Tube Refrigerator System from Sumitomo, Japan

The new Model SRP-182B2S-F100H Pulse Tube refrigerator system provides a cooling capacity of 1.5 Watt at 4.2 K. The cold head is separated from the valve unit by flexible helium lines. The new Model F-100H compressor (13 kW at 50 Hz) features an RS-232 interface for remote control.

Model SRDE-412D4-F50H G.M.-Refrigerator System from Sumitomo, Japan

The new Model RDE 412D4 provides a cooling capacity of 1.25 W at 4.2 K and takes position between the established RDK-408D2 (1W) and the RDK-415D (1.5W) cold heads. The increased high cooling capacity on the first stage reflects the excellent efficiency of this new coldhead.

Model RD-125-A11C single-stage G.M. -Refrigerator System from Sumitomo, Japan

Set up with the proven model CNA-11C air-cooled compressor with only 1.3 kW power consumption the new Model RD-125D single-stage cold head features a cooling capacity of 30 W achieved at 77 K.

Model 8600 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer Systems (VSM) from Lake Shore, USA

The newest VSM Generation from Lake Shore, USA – the Model 8600 Series – impresses by its outstanding specifications in several features: Noise level: only 15 nemu at 10 s/pt, data acquisition rate: only 10 ms/pt, magnetic field ramping rate: 5,000 Oe/s, magnetic field strength: up to 3.26 T, temperature range: 4.2 K up to 1,273 K.

The extremely high data acquisition rate together with the outstanding sensitivity allows to take even FORC measurements within a reasonable short time, which so far based on the high number of data points required a multiple factor of time. Furthermore an analysis software package dedicated to the Magnetocaloric effect is available free of charge.

Model 240 Temperature Modules from Lake Shore, USA

The new Model 240 Temperature Modules are now available. The Model 240-2P Module features two - the Model 240-8P Module eight sensor input channels – suitable for use with diodes, Cernox, PT-100 and other sensors. Both instruments offer each USB and RS 485 interfaces and allow integration into a PROFIBUS MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS – ideal for large research facilities.

Model 7400-S Vibration- Magnetometer-Systems (VSM) from Lake Shore, USA

The new VSM series Model 7400-S features improved measurement speed – now allowing to perform FORC measurements – as well as higher magnetic field strengths up to 3.42 Tesla. The Models 7404-S, 7407-S and 7410-S are based on different electromagnet systems (4, 7 and 10 inch pole shoes). They are compatible to the existing variable temperature and other options of the previous Modell 7400 VSM series. A free beta version of the new Magnetocaloric Effect (MCE) software is available.

Model 8425 DC Hall Measurement System with Cryogenic CCR Probe Station from Lake Shore, USA

Model 8425 DC Hall System is featuring the latest in Lake Shore Hall measurement capabilities and is based on the new model 8400 HMS series. Its highlight is the combination of a high end Hall measurement system with a cryogenic probe station Model CRX-VF providing a vertical magnetic field strength up to 2 Tesla. The cryogen-free probe station features a Sumitomo closed cycle refrigerator system providing a wide temperature range from 10 K up to 400 K. Resistances from 0.5 mΩ up to 100 GΩ can be measured with this system.

Model 372 AC Resistance Bridge and Temperature Controller from Lake Shore, USA

The new AC Resistance Bridge features multiple PID controllable outputs with up to 10 W of heater power and a dedicated input for ultra-low temperature control. The new Model 3726 scanner increases the number of measurement channels to a maximum of 16 and is capable of taking full advantage of the performance improvements built into the Model 372. The Model 372 provides each USB, Ethernet and GPIB 488.2 interfaces.

Model 8400 AC/DC Hall Effect Measurement System from Lake Shore, USA

The Model 8400 Hall Effect Measurement System Series now is extended by the new Model 8407 HMS featuring a 7” electromagnet system providing magnetic field strengths up to 2.3 Tesla.

The integrated AC field measurement option allows to measure ultra-low mobilities as low as 0.001 cm²/Vs.
Applications: OPVs, a:Si, TCO, OLEDs, .. InSb etc.