Product Range

Low Temperature


  • Temperature Controllers, Monitors, Modules
  • Temperature Sensors and Probes, Hall Generators
  • AC-Resistance Bridges
  • Ultra-Precision Capacitance/Loss Bridges
  • Constant Current Sources


  • Closed Cycle Cryostat Systems
  • Ultra-Low-Vibration CCR-Cryostats
  • 1.5 K CCR-Cryostats
  • Microscope Cryostats (Cryogen-Free, UHV)
  • Coldfinger, Continuous Flow, Bath Cryostats (UHV)
  • ESR-, NMR-, FTIR-Cryostats
  • SPM - UHV-Cryostats
  • 3He-Cryostats (Cryogen-Free, UHV)
  • Dilution Refrigerator Systems (Cryogen-Free, UHV)
  • Recirculating Gascoolers


  • 4 K Pulse Tube Closed Cycle Refrigerator Systems
  • 4 K and 7 K Gifford McMahon Closed Cycle Refrigerator Systems
  • Single Stage Gifford McMahon CCRS


  • LHe, LN2 Storage and Transport Vessels
  • Transfer Lines, Superinsulation Foils
  • Low Temperature Wires, Coaxial Cables, NbTi Wires
  • Epoxy, Grease, Varnish, Soldering Material, Indium Foils
  • HTc Screenings, HTc Current Leads
  • Cryo-Software: Material Properties (NIST), Magnet-Design

Cryogenic Probe Stations

  • Cryogen-Free 4 K/10 K Probe Stations
  • Cryogen-Free Probe Stations with EM-/SC-Magnet Systems
  • Cryogenic Probe Stations (LN2, LHe)
  • Probe Stations with SC-Magnet Systems
  • Probe Stations with Electromagnet Systems

Magnet Systems


  • Cryogen-Free Magnet Systems
  • Solenoid, Split-Pair, Vector Magnet Systems
  • 4-Quadrant Magnet Power Supplies


  • Electromagnet Systems
  • Field Controlled Electromagnet Platform Systems
  • Bipolar EM Power Supplies

Magnetic Field Measurements

  • Teslameter, Hall Probes and Hall Generators
  • Field Controller
  • Fluxmeter, Helmholtz Coils and Field Probes


  • Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM)

Hall Measurement Systems

  • AC/DC Hall Measurement Systems “Ultra Low Mobility”
  • DC-Hall Measurement Systems with SC-Magnets
  • DC-Hall Measurement Systems with Cryogenic Probe Station
  • Quantitative Mobility Spectrum Analysis Software (QMSA)
  • Hall Effect Measurement Instruments - "FastHall™" Controller

Precision Electronics

  • Precision AC/DC- I/V-Source
  • Precision AC-Resistance Bridges
  • Precision Multi-Frequency Capacitance Bridges